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The JuC Awards
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The JuC Awards

What we're about:

This an award community dedicated to the wonderful pairing of JuC aka Joshtin ; JC/Justin Slash. All sorts of awards will be offered within a 3 month time frame. The way the community will work is as follows: every week two awards will be given to one or two authors; there will be a 3 day nomination process followed by a 4 day voting process. Once the votes are in and have been counted (votes will not be accessible to the public) the awards will be given. Once a story wins a catagory, it will not be allowed to be nominated in the same catagory again.

There are 20 different categories and there will be one winner for each. Once the 19 and 20 categories are won, we will start the process over again. I don't want a community that's going to fade away after the first round of awards. I want this community to last, and I want to give all authors the chance to win an award, even if it takes five rounds until they get it.

Nominating and Nominees

Nominations will start every Sunday. The nomination process will be three days long. Nominations are open to all JuC writers. There is no set limit to how many nominees are in each category, because of this, there is a limit of one author per category. I am aware that there are many authors out there that have wonderful stories and everyone has a different favorite, keep in mind, this community is not going to close after one round. Every three months we will have a new go at the awards, so if your story wasn't picked, you're going to get another chance next time around. Also, an author can be nominated for both categories and may even win both awards for that week.


Everyone (even those who don't have ljs are allowed to nominate and vote) will be given a 4 day space of time to vote. Voting ends at 12:00 AM Sunday morning.

Award Presentation:

The awards will be posted on Sunday with two new award categories. There will only be one winner per category. Votes will be tallied and one winner will be announced, I will not be announcing who came in 2nd and 3rd place. As stated before, there could be one author who wins both awards.

A story will be allowed to be nominated again in the categories following the initial win. Once a new round has started, old winners will be ineligible to be nominated for the same award (it's just common sense) Once a story wins all categories, it will be officially barred from being nominated again at the_juc_awards.

... Round 1 Winners ...

... Round 2 Winners ...

On Any Given Sunday by: Micki Bailey - [Best Justin Characterization]
Chasez Lake by: Fox - [Best JC Characterization]
Elements by: Beth - [Best Drama/Angst]
Untitled Love Story by: Rhys - [Best Humor]
This Dance We Do by: Micki Bailey - [Best JuC Series]
Green Eggs and Ham by: Spanky - [Best Short JuC Story]
... - [Best Love Story]
... - [Best Song Fic]
... - [Best Incomplete]
... - [Alternate Universe]
... [Best Fantasy]
... [Best PWP]
... [Best Tearjerker]
... [Heartbreaking Scene]
... [Best Villain]
... [Best Sidekick]
... [Best Kiss]
... [Best Quote]
... [Best JuC Author]
... [Best JuC Site]

The following awards will be offered:

Best Justin Portrayal
Best JC Portrayal
Best Drama/Angst
Best Humor
Best Complete Series
Best Stand Alone
Best Love Story
Best Song Fic
Best Incomplete
Best Alternative Universe (AU) Non-*NSYNC
Best Fantasy
Best PWP
Best Tearjerker
Most Heartbreaking Scene
Best Villain
Best Sidekick
Best Kiss
Best Quote
Best JuC Author
Best JuC Site

Ultimately I want this community to be a fun show of thanks to all those wonderful writers out there that give us wonderful stories. These awards aren't meant to put authors on a pedestal, but a show of a job well done. If there are any questions or need for clarification, feel free to email pridelands00@yahoo.com and ask.

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